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breathe. stretch. shake. let it go - Mase

Welcome to Rock Rose Yoga, Caitlin's passion project & lockdown labor of love. Caitlin is an Emergency & Trauma Registered Nurse. She is also a Trauma-Informed 200 hour trained Registered Yoga Teacher. She has done specialized trauma training through Yogafit for Warriors; yoga for TBI (traumatic brain injury) and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder.) Sharing tools for stress reduction & trauma healing has become her passion.

Yoga started as a workout for Caitlin, however she quickly discovered the power that mindfulness, purposeful breathing and movement had on her overstressed body & mind. The methods she has studied became paramount for her own stress management while she worked on the Frontlines as a crisis travel nurse during the pandemic. Now that she is home in Austin, she can’t wait to share them.

She see’s now, more than ever the dire need to elevate self-care & destigmatize mental health. Anyone who's flown has heard the saying ‘in the event of a sudden drop in pressure, secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others.’ She hopes to spread the importance of living by that rule; ensuring our own wellbeing before tending to others. When we miss the vital opportunity to first take care ourselves, it has a ripple effect on everything we do. She believes it is essential that we treat our mental & emotional health the way we do our physical health- as a maintenance, not a luxury. Our body keeps the score and to restore balance to our nervous system, we must release that trapped tension & trauma from our tissues. 

So join her on your mat (especially if you’ve never been there before) as she brings you a new kind of yoga; somatic movement medicine, breathwork, & meditation. You will learn incredible tools to balance your nervous system & feel more grounded, present, empowered and peaceful in your everyday life.

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