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When we experience stress or trauma, we lose our sense of safety & leave our bodies. It’s an innate survival mechanism. Remaining disembodied is not sustainable however. If we don’t safely move through the stress response cycle & remain immobilized, it leads to burnout, illness, & PTSD. When we create space for our body to feel safe, we have the ability to complete the fight/flight response, find safety within our body & restore balance to our nervous system.

Somatic Release Yoga is a revolutionary technique in trauma healing & stress reduction. It is a slow invitation to return to your body & learn how to make it feel safe through gentle movement, stretching, breathwork, meditation & somatic shaking. All mammals have the innate wisdom to shake & complete the body’s stress response cycle— humans just need to remember. You’ll find countless videos of animals who escape a predator & intrinsically shake from head to tail. Then they walk away unscathed. What scientists have found is that animals in the wild do not have PTSD because they shake out the adrenaline & complete the stress response cycle.

What we know is that the stress & trauma is not actually the problem- the problem lies in how we deal with it. As we’ve evolved, we have unconsciously shut down this shaking response to not appear afraid or weak. In doing so, we’ve shut down our primal ability to move naturally from stress to rest & back again. Through somatic shaking we can turn back on our intrinsic response and unlock the stress & trauma trapped in our tissues. This prevents burnout & creates resilience so we are ready for the next stressor. We can reset our nervous system without reliving the traumatic experience.

Somatic Release Yoga is a trauma-sensitive, inclusive class that helps to restore vagal tone, reconnect with the body & balance the nervous system. They are helpful for everyone & are highly recommended for military, frontlines, first responders, victims of violence or abuse, mental health professionals & anyone suffering from trauma/PTSD (in conjunction with a mental health professional.) Her classes facilitate fatiguing, lengthening and relaxing the psoas muscle to create the neurogenic tremor or shaking response. Often vibration begins in the legs and may spread throughout the whole body. This portion of class is guided like a meditation you are encouraged to let your body do what it’s naturally designed to do.

Those who have taken Caitlin’s classes report: nervous system resilience, reconnection to life, improved sleep, decreased anxiety, decreased physical pain, release of chronic tension, increase of energy & stamina, discharge of buried emotional & physical trauma, alleviated PTSD 


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60 minutes $100

90 minutes $130

Discounts available for Frontlines & Veterans

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Starting at $111 for 60 minutes

Custom classes to learn stress relief tools & trauma healing Somatic Release Yoga.

Onsite workshops can be hosted at hospitals, military bases & corporate sites as well as studio locations near Austin, TX.

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