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Lessons From a Solo Off The Grid West Texas Adventure

even the darkest nights will end + the sun will rise again - unknown

Lessons from West Texas & Big Bend

-everyone should travel solo (at least once.)

-surrender to silence; you will learn so much.

-outside of our comfort is the best place to be.

-we must take adventures to know where we & our souls truly belong.

-let go of control & trust that you are safe; the universe has your back.

-do the things that scare you; that’s where the magic happens.

-being brave enough is what counts. .

-our world is so dang beautiful & full of love for us; we must start treating it that way.

-find your best self & hold on for dear life.

-protect your peace bubble. It’s not selfish- it’s essential.

-and to quote a man on a trail with his kids ‘the best part is always right before you give up.’

Trip (and life) Mantras

-I am safe

-I am seen

-I am loved

-I am enough


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