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Find Your Freedom

she burned her lifetime of false stories.

what remained was her truth.

she lived in that.

she lived in peace.

seeing herself in the light of her one true story,

she began to love herself again.

she spent the rest of her life gathering stories

that fed her love for herself - @jaiyajohn

The world continues to feel heavy, exhausting & uncertain. Now more than ever, we must find practices & tools that ground us; bringing us back to earth. It has never been more essential to create safety within your body; your home.

We can’t control what happens to us & it’s unrealistic to live in a state of eternal peace. But we can control how we respond to life’s madness & how we nurture our bodies through it.

Find rituals & gather stories that feed your heart and soul. They will bring you back home to your body & create safety within. That is true freedom.

Stop abandoning yourself for the sake of others.

Burn the fake stories.

Create boundaries that protect your peace.

And surrender to silence; you’ll find your truth.

Living your truth & finding your peace will always be a work in progress. But it’s so worth it. It is the most important work we can do. If I can do it- I promise you can too.

What can you add to your day for a 5-10 minute serenity timeout? If you need recs- I have plenty ✌🏻💛✨

📸: my amazing bestie @lauriecreterphotography

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