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Testimonials: Testimonials

'This class is different than any other yoga class I have ever taken. It’s like a mix between relaxing yin yoga and that feeling you get after watching an emotional and oh-so-damn-good movie that makes you ugly cry in the best way. 

Her class has helped me release more emotionally and physically than I ever knew I could. And Caitlin’s love and bright energy that goes into each session is like a magnet that pulls a weight off my chest. Every class with her gives me so much mental and bodily relief. I feel lighter, more open, and closer to my true self.'

Joanna, Mom of 2

'That was seriously everything I needed. I released emotions that I haven’t been able to let go of for the last year. And that shaking is crazy! I didn’t think I would get it or know what to do but my body just did it. I feel lighter and relaxed. I'm literally amazed by the results of something I've never heard of before your class. It helped so much and I've already been telling so many people about it.'

Kylie, Frontlines Nurse

'The somatic release yoga classes are an amazing experience. Whether you suffer from stress, anxiety, past traumas or are just looking for a healthy release- this practice left me feeling grounded and reenergized. I would recommend this to anyone looking to improve their overall well-being.  Don’t overthink it- just let your body do the work!'


I highly recommend working with Caitlin. Having no prior experience with yoga, Caitlin gently and expertly guided me to learn more about my body and movement. With Caitlin’s virtual help through the pandemic lockdown, virtual teaching, and a difficult pregnancy, Caitlin taught me to stretch, breathe, and helped me relieve pregnancy aches and reduce real stress. It was imperative my stress level remained low during pregnancy, and Caitlin successfully and safely helped me do so. I felt great and slept well after our sessions. She is passionate about her practice and how to help the mind and body of the people she works with. I am looking forward to continuing my practice with Caitlin!

Julie, Teacher

'Caitlin is a gifted teacher. Her class is easy to follow and delivers the perfect balance of strength and stress relief.'

Kathleen, ER Nurse

Caitlin's passion for this transformation practice & helping others shines through. She has a nurturing presence and provides a safe container. On another note, as someone who has benefited from experiencing the same shaking technique through TRE, I can't speak more highly of experiencing the shaking as part of a balanced, thoughtfully designed and ultimately restorative class like Caitlin's.

Austin Client

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