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A revolutionary technique in trauma healing and stress reduction.
Specializing in trauma-informed yoga and somatic practices as a complimentary
and alternative treatment for stress, anxiety, trauma, and PTSD.

Rock Rose: a flower used to make medicine; commonly used in Bach flower remedies.

Used in the treatment of panic, stress, & anxiety; promotes peace, calmness & relaxation.

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The goal of Somatic Release Yoga is not about the poses. It's about the journey into self awareness. Dropping out of the thinking mind & safely returning to the body, we begin to listen & heal. Learning these somatic tools turns your body into your own medicine; releasing trapped tension & healing trauma. It is essential we start putting on our own oxygen mask first. In doing so we can move from a place of existing to fully living a beautiful, meaningful life.

-Caitlin Weisel BSN, RN, RYT 200

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Caitlin Weisel (@rockroseyoga) is an Emergency & Trauma Registered Nurse. She is also a Trauma-Informed 200 hour trained Registered Yoga Teacher. She has done specialized trauma training through Yogafit for Warriors; yoga for TBI & PTSD. Yoga started as a workout for Caitlin, however she quickly discovered the power that mindful movement, purposeful breathing & somatic release had on her overstressed body & mind. Somatic Release Yoga became a powerful tool for her own stress & trauma healing and it became paramount while working on the Frontlines as a crisis ER nurse. Sharing alternative tools for healing through breath & bodywork has become her passion. Her mission is to elevate mental health, bring yoga back to it's eastern roots and cultivate an inclusive, trauma-sensitive, healing space. She is excited to share these methods with the community and hopes to reach individuals who might not normally try yoga but suffer from stress, anxiety, trauma or PTSD and would benefit immensely. In the words of Caitlin... 'we have the power to heal within and by doing so; we can move from a place of existing to fully living a meaningful, beautiful life.' 

Caitlin’s trauma-sensitive Somatic Release Yoga classes offer a revolutionary technique in stress reduction & trauma healing. You will learn alternative tools for releasing stored stress from the body and restore balance to your nervous system. This slow, specialized practice combines breathing techniques, yoga stretches, guided meditation, restorative postures & the body’s natural, therapeutic shaking response. This shaking response is the nervous system’s way of resetting by discharging trapped tension, trauma and/or unconscious muscle contraction.

When the nervous system identifies threat, somatic shaking or vibration is supposed to occur. Much like animals do intrinsically in nature, we can safely release trauma stored in the body without reliving the traumatic or stressful experience. We have evolved over time to not shake due to negative societal beliefs around what it means to appear weak or vulnerable. Our evolution and cultural conditioning has led to our bodies shutting down this innate response at an early age. However, stress and trauma continue to wreak havoc on our nervous system, immune system, mind, body & soul. We are left feeling burned out and disconnected.

Caitlin's classes help to restore vagal tone, reconnect with the body & balance the nervous system. They are helpful for everyone and are highly recommended for military, frontlines, first responders, victims of violence or abuse, mental health professionals and anyone suffering from trauma/PTSD (in conjunction with a mental health professional.) 

Those who have taken Caitlin’s classes report:

-nervous system resilience

-reconnection to life

-improved sleep

-decreased anxiety

-decreased physical pain

-release of chronic tension

-increase of energy and stamina

-discharge of buried emotional and physical trauma

-alleviated symptoms of PTSD.-discharge of buried emotional and physical trauma

-alleviated symptoms of PTSD.

Trauma-Informed Yoga is for Everyone 

(including but not limited to those suffering from:) 

  • Chronic health conditions

  • Chronic pain

  • Stress disorders

  • PTSD (in tandem with a mental health specialist)

  • Anxiety, depression, or disassociation (in tandem with a mental health specialist)

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